The Central Commissioning Facility (CCF) manages and administers research programmes funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) including the Policy Research Programme (PRP) through this Research Management System (RMS). The research funded is independent and investigates a range of healthcare and related matters and assists in how research-based knowledge is applied across all healthcare sectors.


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We have updated our privacy policy and terms and conditions regarding your use of the CCF RMS. There are no changes in how we collect or process your data.

We have updated our documents on the following grounds:

  • The documents contained areas of overlap (these have now been removed, with information retained in the appropriate document).
  • Both documents are now available to users at all times (previously, the terms and conditions were only available at registration).
  • The privacy document was located on information pages where no data was collected (i.e. not available at the point where it was relevant).
  • To inform users about use of cookies (to ensure we comply with the updated version of the EU cookie law, as defined in the EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive).


We have kept two separate documents (the advice of the Information Commissioner), which are located in the footer of every page.

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